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Film Premier “Decreasing Workers’ Comp Costs and Improving Outcomes” 

From left to right are attorney Suzanne Honor-Vangerov; Anne Horelly, attorney with the California Division of Workers’ Compensation; Dr. Tomer Anbar, Director of the Global Pain Institute; and John Riggs, manager of The Disneyland Resort recognized for their contributions to improving the work comp system.  All four were featured in the film which premiered at the Disneyland venue: “Decreasing Workers’ Comp Costs and Improving Outcomes”.  

Christine Baker, Director of the Division of Industrial Relations, pricks up her ears on a listening tour of California.  Here she is at the film premiere with John Maloch, left, and John Riggs, right.

Ms. Baker was the first woman to serve as the Director of the DIR with a staff of 3,600 employees and an annual budget of $800 million. In addition for being responsible for the Division of Workers’ Compensation, her other experience included Chief of the Division of Labor Statistics and Research from 1984 to 1989 Deputy Director of the Division of Workers’ Compensation from 1990-1994, and Executive Officer of the California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation from its inception in 1994 through April 2011.

Rosa Moran, Administrative Director of the California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) on the right, is pictured here with Christine Baker, left, Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations, and Dr. Tomer Anbar, center, Chief Clinical Advisor to the Employers’ Fraud Task Force.

Anbar, a Catalyst for Change in Workers’ Compensation

Of Dr. Anbar’s seminal contributions to the California Workers’ Compensation system, Ms. Baker comments that, “since 2002, Dr. Anbar has been a major catalyst in the California workers’ compensation system bringing attention to the epidemic of chronic pain, delayed recovery and introducing evidence-based biopsychosocial solutions to reversing chronic pain syndromes, delayed recovery and the overall costs of claims.”

Chef Palma Bellinghieri teaching anti-inflammatory food preparation at the Multidisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Program.

Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition for Reversing Chronic Pain

Dr. Anbar’s KPBS interview discussing the use of anti-inflammatory nutrition in the treatment of chronic pain 

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Shout-out for Dr. Anbar from filmmaker Joe Cross

Film maker and author Joe Cross and Dr. Anbar discuss the use of juicing as an anti-inflammatory component in the treatment of chronic health conditions.

Chef Palma Bellinghieri, Joe Cross and Dr. Anbar

Dr. Anbar discusses the increase of Stress and Chronic Pain during the holiday season

Dr. Anbar, founder and former Director of the Chronic Pain Rehabilitation  Program at Scripps Health discusses the interdisciplinary treatment of delayed recovery.