Patient-Centered Leadership

Dr. Tomer Anbar, Ph.D., CGP, CDC, Founding Director

Dr. Anbar is Founding Director of the Institutes of Health. For the past 15 years he has been an advisor to public and private sectors on the national pain epidemic. In 2002 he established for insurance stakeholders the prevalence of chronic pain as the largest cost driver in the workers’ compensation system. Subsequently he established the first evidence-based interdisciplinary biopsychosocial delayed recovery programs in California to address the chronic pain epidemic in the Work Comp space. In 2008 he founded and was the first Director of the Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain & Functional Restoration Program at Scripps Health in San Diego. As Chief Clinical Advisor of the California Employers’ Fraud Task Force, Dr. Anbar advised the California Department of Industrial relations, insurance carriers, claims administrators, and employers on how to systematically improve clinical outcomes and reverse the high cost of chronic pain, delayed recovery and related conditions. As former Chairman of the Pain Rehabilitation SIG of the American Pain Society and former Treasurer of the Musculoskeletal Pain SIG of the International Association for the Study of Pain comprised of 133 countries, Dr. Anbar has focused on promoting advances in the field of interdisciplinary biopsychosocial evidence-based care to address the chronic pain epidemic and related disabilities. His chronic pain and functional restoration programs have been adopted as models for the military and Intel-GE’s telehealth platform. Dr. Anbar is former head of the Unit of Clinical and Research Psychobiology at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, a research component of the World Health Organization in Mexico City. His work on the effects of environment on mental and physical health received international attention as the media reported on his research chronicling the toll Mexico City’s pollution was having on one of the world’s largest metropolises. His clinical, laboratory, psychological and social analysis and recommendations have become a blueprint for both civic groups and governmental agencies in taking action and forming sustained policy. His research into the effects of heavy metals and other contaminants on behavior have been integrated into numerous health and environmental programs around the world.

Elic Anbar, CEO and Chief Legal Counsel

Mr. Anbar’s expertise bridges healthcare management and law. From 1975 though 1985 he worked in the healthcare field filling various positions including administrator in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Elic began his legal career as a trial attorney for the Los Angeles Public Defender. He served as corporate counsel to a health care management company and subsequently returned to public service until 1997. In 1997 Mr. Anbar founded his own law firm with divisions in workers’ compensation, serving over 2500 clients, business law and criminal defense.

In April 2018 he joined Institutes of Health as CEO and Chief Legal Counsel. Mr. Anbar has been a practicing attorney since 1985 and was admitted to practice law in the State of California, United States Federal Court, The State of New York, the District of Columbia and the State of Israel.

Dan Anbar, Chairman

Dan Emmett Anbar is a real estate and healthcare developer. His work encompasses projects in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Israel. In the healthcare field his expertise includes start-up, turnaround and expansion phases of retirement facilities, chronic care institutions and medical service businesses. His real estate development experience includes project conceptualization, planning, financing, construction management, operations and marketing for residential, health care and hospitality complexes.

During Dan’s on-going tenure as Chairman of the Andev Group, the organization has provided services to numerous companies engaged in real estate development, as well as seeking out expertise in healthcare management. The Group provides healthcare delivery within various types of residential communities. For over 25 years, Dan has been responsible for the organization’s continuing growth in these markets overseeing developments well in excess of $500 million USD.

Mark H. Mann, Chief Financial Officer

For the past 25 years, Mark has worked in the healthcare and senior housing field as a CFO specializing in the areas of financial reporting, financial planning, financial forecasting, partner compensation planning, tax planning, investment funding including debt and equity, medical billing, site acquisition and rental services and billing and collection issues.

Mark was a founding member of CRL Services, which was a real estate and health care development group based in Chicago, Illinois specializing in the integrated design, location identification, entitlements, development, financing, construction, management and marketing of CCRC’s (Continuing Care Residential Communities), senior living communities, empty-nester housing and specialized healthcare facilities. The majority of the development and construction financing was through a New York Stock Exchange Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). During this period, Mark worked closely with the REIT and supplied them with all the financial information they required to make a lending decision regarding projects under development including financial projections. Mark and CRL achieved financing commitments and closings from the REIT during this period in excess of $250 million.

Prior to founding CRL, Mark served in the public accounting industry as the managing partner of the CPA firm Mann, Benzinger & Co., where he specialized in all phases of real estate development including entitlements, operations, public and private financing of real estate, construction and sales of real estate as well as estate planning, retirement planning, and business consulting in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Mann has acted as a consultant for governmental units such as school districts, local educational agencies, municipalities and others. He has worked closely and regularly with government officials, third party administrators, insurance administrators and agents, loan agents and attorneys. Prior to founding Mann, Benzinger & Co., he was a partner in a large CPA firm based in downtown Chicago which grew during Mark’s tenure to employing over 300 CPA’s.