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Brain Injury Webinar


Brain Injury Webinar

Brain Injury Webinar

Treating Brain Injuries: Employing Hybrid Telehealth Advances to Improve Evaluation, and Outcomes.

Brain injury is often referred to as a silent epidemic, as it is not well understood by the general public or by many healthcare professionals. Often, people with a brain injury have not been properly diagnosed and have not received treatment essential to healing. As a result, individuals are overmedicalized, with a corresponding increase in disability, with costs and lost productivity estimated at $76.5 billion annually. This panel presentation will demonstrate how advanced biometric telehealth systematically is employed to dramatically improve diagnosis, treatment, accelerate MMI and decrease overall costs.

Program Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how to determine whether or not a brain injury occurred.
  • Learn how to identify the best type of evaluation to improve outcomes.
  • Understand how biometric telehealth can accelerate MMI and decrease overall costs.

Moderator: Dr. Clark Smith, M.D., DFAPA – Medical Director | Institutes of Health
Panelist: Dr. Crystal Cobos, DPT, CBIS – Director, Head Injury & Concussion Clinic | Institutes of Health
Panelist: Dr. Shelby Moreira, Psy.D. – Forensic & Neurocognitive Specialist | Institutes of Health

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